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Leveraging data-driven approaches to enhance strategic marketing decision-making, supported by scientific methodologies and rigorous analysis

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Strategic Marketing Innovation

I am a consultant Marketing Strategist and Data Analytics Expert living and working in the United Kingdom. I operate at the intersection of strategic marketing, behavioural economics, analytics and code, and the goal of my work is to uncover and effectively communicate insights to fuel your strategic direction. I work at the strategic level with senior leadership, in-house marketing and R&D teams and regardless of the sector, I work best with teams who are passionate about driving strategic marketing growth. Please read my Marketing Analytics Manifesto to understand my Core Principles and Key Focus Areas or simply find out more about me here.

SOSTAC Marketing

Applied Strategic Marketing Research

Understanding Consumer Behaviour

With applications in advertising and market research to product design and customer service, behavioural economics allows you to understand why consumers buy certain products, how they perceive brands, and how they make choices among a myriad of different options. Motivation, perception, learning, memory, and attitudes can all be analysed, along with the relationships between different economic variables, in order to make predictions about future economic outcomes. By understanding consumer behaviour patterns, marketers can better develop effective marketing strategies that resonate with consumers.

A marketing consultant looking at data

Scientific Marketing Precision

In today's volatile business landscape, companies often find themselves navigating a labyrinth of market complexities, technological advancements, and consumer behaviours that are in constant flux. By offering a fresh, external perspective coupled with specialised expertise, a strategist can help you pivot effectively, ensuring that your marketing efforts are not just reactive but proactive and data-driven.

As a practitioner who adopts a scientific approach, I specialise in marketing analytics and leverage cutting-edge technologies, including generative AI, which allows me to dissect the nuances of consumer behaviour and market trends with surgical precision. The aim is not merely to adapt to change but to anticipate it, thereby positioning your brand for sustained, profitable growth. In an era where only 10% of companies achieve this feat, a data-driven strategy is your linchpin for success.

The ultimate objective is to unlock the latent power and potential of your brand. Whether it's about reviving, reimagining, or repositioning your brand, the focus is always on creating value. By employing a "test and learn" mentality, together, we identify sustainable growth avenues that not only boost revenue but also enhance customer retention.

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Data-Driven Marketing

In the realm of marketing, a strategy is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. We'll begin with a meticulous evaluation of your existing marketing strategies, pinpointing areas that require refinement or a complete overhaul. This is complemented by in-depth audience and market research, ensuring that your campaigns are not shooting in the dark but are precisely targeted. The objective is to develop and implement marketing campaigns that resonate, not just reach.

The cornerstone of effective marketing lies in continuous optimisation. Utilising advanced analytical tools, I scrutinise the performance of your ongoing campaigns, offering real-time adjustments to maximise ROI. This extends to coaching your in-house marketing team, equipping them with the latest techniques and tools to sustain campaign efficacy. Competitive analysis further refines your go-to-market strategies, keeping you ahead in the marketplace.

The journey doesn't end at mere customer acquisition; it extends to conversion, retention and evangelism. By collecting the voice of customer research, I offer insights that are instrumental in shaping your development plans. This holistic approach ensures that your marketing strategies don't just attract eyeballs but engage and convert your ideal customers. In a landscape where consumer attention is the most coveted currency, I can offer you the strategies and tactics to earn it.

A marketing consultant with an on-target result

What are the Outcomes of Engagement?

Engaging with an expert marketing strategist is not an expenditure; it's an investment—one that yields tangible, long-term dividends. The immediate outcome is a marketing strategy that's not only aligned with your business objectives but is also agile enough to adapt to market fluctuations. This ensures that your brand remains not just visible but salient, capturing both mind and market share.

The mid-term benefits manifest in the form of optimised marketing campaigns that deliver a robust ROI. By employing data-driven tactics and real-time adjustments, your campaigns become more cost-effective, maximising your marketing budget. This optimisation extends beyond mere numbers; it enhances brand perception and customer loyalty, creating a virtuous cycle of engagement and conversion.

In the long term, the strategic insights garnered from my services equip you to navigate market complexities with finesse. The focus shifts from mere survival to sustained growth. By continually refining your go-to-market strategies and product development plans based on real-world data and customer feedback, you're not just keeping pace with market trends—you're setting them. In a business ecosystem where change is the only constant, my consulting services offer you the strategic stability to not just adapt, but to thrive.


Adopting a Scientific Approach

Marketing data science, research, insight, and analytics reside at the centre of all well-informed business and customer decisions, and insight into what makes a service, business initiative, or policy work is often the hidden factor that defines the difference between success and failure. In essence, the value of applied marketing data science lies in its ability to deliver objective, data-driven insights into marketing problems. Through rigorous scientific methods, it provides high-quality data, information, and insight for planning and decision-making in complex, fast-moving, and often turbulent environments.

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